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Lancashire aims for Super Fast Broadband Speeds by 2014

Published: 03/02/2011 by Comments

Lancashire County Council (LCC) reveals its plan of deploying a countywide ‘super-fast broadband network’ in place by the year 2014. This project aims to attract business and investment to the county from international companies as well as other UK companies.

Funds for the massive project will come from the county council, public sectors as well as from private sectors. Though details have not been announced yet, it is believed that the Council would employ a range of different technologies suitable for both rural and urban areas. That means some areas may still be using current broadband speeds at 8Mbps or the similar.

Geoff Driver, County Councilor for Lancashire explained in a statement saying, “Lancashire County Council is aiming to lead the county into a bright new future. We want to open up opportunities for businesses in Lancashire, by establishing a super-fast broadband network.” According to Driver, in order for Lancashire to thrive, it is needful for the Council to “develop a sustainable and growing economy”, which included job creation and various means of encouragement for businesses.

The project aims a cover 100 percent of the region. However, some areas may be missing out the new services especially those considered not economic zones. This project also ensures that the superfast broadband service will be able to support future software and services. FTTP technology will be use in this innovation, since it is the only option providing enough bandwidth to meet superfast broadband speeds without replacing all the equipments installed.

Critics, however, are concerned that the scope and scale of this project will only favor a large operator such as BT (British Telecom).

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