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‘Leak after leak’ on iPhone 8 release reveals essential upgrades

Published: 04/01/2017 by Comments

‘Leak after leak’ on iPhone 8 release reveals essential upgrades

A number of leaks have revealed that the new iPhone 8, expected later in 2017, will have an impressive new design, be ‘larger’ in size and price, but will include two additional features that consumers have been anticipating for many years.

In an exclusive leak by Sonny Dickson (a renowned leaker), it has been confirmed that each of the three expected models’ will contain a Tristar 3 Hydra chip controlling the charging port which “in normal people words.. [it] will include fast charging,” explains Dickson.

However, people are urged to consider a couple of unknown factors before getting too excited about this new feature. 

First of all, the question of compatibility springs to mind – whether faster charging will match current standards. As it’s known that more rapid charging is not by Qualcomm it cannot be “Quick Charge” but it is speculated that instead fast charging could be incorporated into USB 3.1 – a preferred standard for Apple AAPL +0.18% for its MacBook product range.  This is not definite however based on doubts over a shift from Lightning due to profits made in its licensing fees.

Another point to consider is that although the port can cope with faster charging, Apple may not be keen to put it in place.

This is seen by the fact that iPhone devices are able to reach maximum charge more rapidly using an iPad charger (worth a try?), but as yet Apple has not supplied this version with its iPhones, in spite of its higher cost. 

It appears evident that for now Apple does not want the iPad charger to be made available to the majority of customers.

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