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MBNA launches helpful credit card selector

Published: 25/07/2010 by Comments

With so many options and so much fine print, choosing a credit card can be quite a task for most customers. With this in view, MBNA has launched its Credit Card Selector, an online tool that will help customers find the right product for themselves.

The new online card selector, available at, allows new customers to compare and contrast MBNA’s entire range of 26 credit card products, through a number of wizards that asks pertinent question and guides customers in the right direction.

Ian Craig, Customer Service and Channel Fulfilment executive for Bank of America Europe Card Services, which runs the MBNA brand, said that the Credit Card Selector tool was designed to simplify the “daunting task” of selecting the right credit card. Whatever the criteria, be it balance transfer rates or great reward schemes, this tool will help customer find the ideal card, he added.

The tool will help customers comprehensively evaluate the 26 credit card products on MBNA’s website to find a card that meets the individual need of each customer. For those looking to switch cards, it will help find the lowest balance transfers rates available, find the lowest money transfer rates for those looking to deposit some cash to their current accounts, or find the lowest purchase rates for frequent users of the card from shopping or card purchase purposes.

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