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MBNA Platinum Credit Card launches new products

Published: 07/10/2010 by Comments

The MBNA Platinum card now offers the accessibility of two new products available in the United Kingdom credit card market. The improved card design intends to attract new customers with outstanding balances.

The MBNA Platinum Dual credit card no doubt received its name because of the dual benefits. The card offers zero percent financing on balance transfers for twelve months. Likewise, MBNA is offering twelve months of zero percent financing on all purchases for twelve months. The two features provide ideal circumstances for someone aiming to reduce debt and save money. However, there is the stipulation of only purchases and balances transferred within sixty days of opening the card are eligible for the 0 percent financing.

Barclaycard Platinum now has some official competition with the MBNA Platinum Plus credit card. The significant change in benefits of this card is the extension to the transfer of balance period at zero percent financing. Originally, the Platinum card was issued with zero percent financing for only thirteen months, now that has increased to sixteen months, the same as the Barclaycard Platinum with balance transfer card.

Credit card customers in the United Kingdom are seeking credit card choices with simplicity and significance according to Will Curley, product executive for Bank of America Card Service. MBNA no longer issues credit card checks and have began to focus on ways to minimize customer frustration. The company plans to make paying bills and reviewing balances even easier by enhancing their online presence and re-evaluating their mobile services.

He said, “Our customers are our business, and we will continue to find ways to bring more choice, simplicity and value to all that we do. We are one of only a handful of UK lenders who already allocate our customers’ repayments to their highest interest-bearing balances first…” The Bank of America Europe Cards operates in the UK under the MBNA Brand.

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