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Men use credit cards more than women online

Published: 12/08/2009 by Comments

It’s been well documented that women love to shop, but it seems that men have taken the crown when it comes to online purchases. The latest PayPal UK Online Retail Report has revealed that the average male shopper spends up to £670 more than women on internet shopping - and they’re using credit cards to fund their buys.

The latest research also discovered that it’s actually the male sex that is responsible for the growth in online consumers in the UK. Twice as many men as women are splashing out online with a credit card, reaffirming their surprising new status as internet shopaholics!

Perhaps women prefer the traditional form of shopping - browsing the aisles for hours and trying on garments, as the reign of the online male shopper shows no sign of slowing down. The report found that 41% of male shoppers are planning to buy items online in future, while just 29% of women admitted the same.

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