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Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death turns ‘green’ in latest Windows 10 15002 preview

Published: 10/01/2017 by Comments

Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death turns ‘green’ in latest Windows 10 15002 preview

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 15002 has been released by Redmond in anticipation of the Creators Update expect later in 2017.

One of the most noticeable upgrades, among many that are expected in the largest upgrade yet, is the removal of the signature ‘Blue Screen of Death’ when the operating system encounters issues – which will be replaced by a green screen.

“In an effort to more easily distinguish Windows Insider reports vs the reports of those on production builds, we’ve updated the bugcheck page (blue screen) to be green,” Microsoft said in the build’s release notes.

“Released versions of Windows 10 will continue to have the classic blue color, including the final release of the Windows 10 Creators Update.”

Green Screen of Death

However, we are to expect much more in terms of significant updates from Build 15002.  These will include major improvements for Edge, Cortana, disabled users, and more. 

Some examples are as follows:


A new tab review button will allow for efficient scrolling on each tab with a clear all button also being included. There’s a revised UWP structure for Microsoft Edge’s multi-process model, by default Flash will be disabled and API will handle web payments for the new operating system.

Shell changes:

The start button will show a list of start tiles on the new Windows 10 layout but these can be organised into folders with similar titles. A new screen designed for sharing will streamline the process of passing files to other Windows users.  Also incorporated will be support for high-DPI apps.

Screen captures for OneNote:

Screencaps can now home in on a smaller area, page resizing and rescaling have been streamlined; VPNs can now be initiated in network flyouts; and developers can utilise a customization function for their app notifications – this includes how time stamps are handled.


Microsoft’s digital assistant is going to appear more proactive in its suggestion of commands for specific apps, post initial launch. Reminders can also be set to recur, meaning that for example a rent/mortgage reminder will appear monthly.


Improvements in voice commands should make using Windows easier for those with physical disabilities, although Microsoft admits that this is still in development.  Braille support will now be incorporated and narration capabilities have been upgraded by Redmond – making life smoother for those with visual challenges.  Enlarged Text will be easier to read with the inclusion of new opaque backing.


The security suite for Windows has been thoroughly debugged with more options available to do a scan on the go and to refresh Windows.  This will enable people who would like to reinstall the OS quickly to remedy issues – although some apps may need to be reinstalled after the process is completed.
Settings: The settings page has been revised with greater ability for users to customise screen colours and add their own unique design style. The Surface Studio announced a new version of the settings page.

There are expected to be many more changes to the newly build operating system and it’s obvious that Microsoft plan to unveil something major in their Creators Edition.  All going well fewer crashes will occur than with the previous Anniversary Update.

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