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Milton Keynes has the slowest 3G broadband

Published: 08/04/2011 by Comments

Milton Keynes has the slowest broadband connection among all the places in the United Kingdom. revealed that the normal speed for broadband connection in the area reach only a “staggering” 1.7 Mbps. It is about 45% slower than what is usually registered for the entire country.

This is not the only slow thing reported for the area. The fact that it also has a slow ADSL broadband makes it the worst possible “hell” for British internauts. It takes about 10 seconds to load a web page and about one hour to fully stream a video. At these speeds many would definitely put their money on the “rabbit’s” speed rather than on the “tortoise’s” wit.

The “rabbit” can easily be the city of Peterborough; a place where the download speeds reaches 3.8Mbps.

Alex Buttle, the man from who gathered all the data, said that “Advancements in mobile communications technology will be crucial if Britain hopes to remain an economic force on the world stage and compete in the global marketplace.”’s research also revealed that users from Birmingham are getting speeds averaging only 2.4Mbps. In Liverpool the situation is even grimmer. Users there only get about 2.2 Mbps.

The main reason why Milton Keynes gets such slow download speeds is because the telecom infrastructure there is constructed mainly of aluminum, a material that can create major interference for the 3G signal. Users still dream of a fast connection, reaching speeds of over 16Mbps. The area requires major telephone line restructuring.

The irony is that even though Milton Keynes currently is the slowest 3G area in the UK, it used to have one of the fastest 4G signals. There was some experimenting done with a service in 2006. It used a wireless based connection called WiMax. It appears that Milton Keynes is a place of extremes in terms of internet service.

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