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M&S Car Insurance concern over England flags

Published: 25/06/2010 by Comments

A new survey by M&S Car insurance shows that more than a fifth (22%) of all motorists will be adding an English flag to their family car this month, in support of their football heroes playing in the World Cup in South Africa.

Almost as many women as men are set to show off their allegiance for Steven Gerrard and company, with 21% of the women and 24% of the men surveyed saying that they were planning to put up a flag on their cars.

However, with the survey revealing that only 43% of those surveyed realizing the potential dangers of getting distracted by the flags, M&S urged motorists to put safety first and carefully consider where they would want to put up the flag. Of those surveyed, 56% were planning to attach the flag to the antennae, 17% to the side wing mirror, and 13% on the front windshield.

Andrew Ferguson, M&S Head of General Insurance, commented that while putting up flags on their cars is a popular way of showing support, motorists should be aware of safety issue in order to avoid any unnecessary road accidents.

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