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M&S Pet Insurance - Pet allergies rise in warmer weather

Published: 27/05/2010 by Comments

Marks & Spencer (M&S) Pet Insurance has warned pet owners to be prepared for the health issues the changing weather might bring for their pets.

It is common for pets to suffer from skin allergies in warmer weather. According to Louise O’Dwyer, operations manager for M&S advice line Vetfone, animals, much like their human counterparts, suffer allergic reactions to pollen, and this can lead to a wide range of problems.

Dog owners should be particularly careful, as dogs are especially vulnerable to a number of naturally occurring irritants which can lead to reactions such as continual sneezing and scratching. The warmer summer months will also see your pets susceptible to flee infestations.

Although there no complete cures available to treat these conditions, with proper treatment, they can be largely alleviated and kept in check. However, proper treatment could potentially mean expensive treatment, and M&S advises pet owners to double-check their pet insurance policy to ensure that it includes coverage for such treatments, so that owners do not end up footing the vet’s bill themselves.

M&S Pet Insurance is offering a premier pet plan package, covers up to £7,000 annually of vets’ fees for illness and injury. When purchased online, customers receive a discount of 15%.

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