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New Amazon Credit Card Launched

Published: 06/10/2009 by Comments

Christmas fever has already hit the high street, and now savvy shoppers are looking for a good deal when it comes to credit cards. has stepped in with its brand new 0% credit card. Best known for its wide range of entertainment, including books, electrical goods, CDs and DVDs, Amazon offers loyalty points on purchases, as a further incentive to sign up.

Customers gain one loyalty point per £1 spent on, or one point per £2 elsewhere. Not only that, but card holders will receive a £10 gift certificate for every 1,000 points accumulated.

“With the Loyalty Point scheme, customers can enjoy significant rewards, allow even greater value to be gained from shopping at” Brian McBride, MD of Ltd explained.The card also offers a 0% rate on balance transfers for 12 months and nine months of interest free purchases on However, the Amazon MasterCard will carry a typical variable of 16.9% once the 0% rate comes to an end, so customers need to use the no interest period wisely and pay off the balance before it comes to an end or risk cancelling out the benefits of the deal, according to the Daily Mail.

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