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New ‘Easy’ aisle for Tesco customers

Published: 20/01/2017 by Comments

New ‘Easy’ aisle for Tesco customers

Tesco is in the process of piloting a new checkout facility which allows more time for people to process their purchases.  The scheme is designed to give elderly and those suffering from a medical condition the chance to take their time in the checkout process.  The pilot also seeks to remove the pressure sometimes felt by elderly or vulnerable people to move quickly at the till.  The supermarket selected for the trial is located in Forres, Moray and the scheme has been developed by Kerry Speed, a community champion at the store. 

Ms Speed tells us more,

“Our new relaxed checkout is open to all.  Whether a customer has a medical condition which requires them to take things a little easier, or they value an extra couple of minutes to chat to their checkout adviser, we want them to be confident they can shop at their own pace.”

The scheme, which has been supported by Alzheimer Scotland, was introduced after the Moray store held one of its regular dementia information sessions, which hopes to raise awareness of the condition to members of the public.

Ms Speed added: “It was highlighted to me that people living with dementia can feel under pressure when they reach the checkout and it struck me that this could be true for others as well.

“Early feedback from customers has been very positive. Although it’s a simple gesture, we hope this will make a difference to our customers’ shopping experiences.”

The relaxed checkout system is currently in operation two mornings per week (Tuesday and Wednesday) with trained members of Alzheimer Scotland present and on hand to help shoppers.

Tesco said it await customer feedback on the success of the scheme before considering expanding its reach to other stores.

Dementia Adviser at Alzheimer Scotland, Wendy Menzies, said: “We have supported the local Tesco team at Forres to help raise awareness of dementia and the steps they can take to help make a difference to the lives of people with the condition in the Forres area.

“During our discussions with staff, we have looked at ways to create a dementia-friendly environment on the shop floor.

“We welcome this new pilot scheme which will help people with dementia to feel confident in continuing to shop independently in their local community for longer.”

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