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Nintendo 3DS available at the lowest price on eBay

Published: 31/03/2011 by Comments

eBay appears to have the lowest price for the new Nintendo 3DS. This gizmo is available online for the sum of £186.99, and is now the best deal out there due to its 18% saving from the original retail price of £229.99.

A promotion such as this isn’t new to eBay though the numbers may seem too good to be true. The 3DS is supplied by Zavvi and is part of a weekly program on eBay. Nintendo 3DS’s £186.99 price tag will only be available until 8am on March 31st. It is also cost-free for shipping in the UK.

Although eBay is the number one online store for the cheapest Nintendo 3DS, Amazon is coming really close in second place with a price that is only one penny more expensive. The round £187.00 price tag can only appeal in number esthetics rather than price choice between the two stores. Zavvi is providing Nintendo 3DS in only two colors: Aqua Blue and Cosmic Black.

Nintendo’s newest console can be bought at the following link:

The new design isn’t that much different than the other DS consoles. It still features the common dual-screen that has 3.5 inch display, but also a bottom display that acts as a touch sensitive control. Just like all new designs, it incorporates better graphics; a far better accelerator as well as motion-sensors based controls. The 3d depth slider must be one of the most attractive features available for this console, although its gyro sensor is the main reason for its enhanced game play versatility.

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