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Nintendo Switch features released exclusively in advance of its 2017 launch

Published: 06/01/2017 by Comments

Nintendo Switch features released exclusively in advance of its 2017 launch

Nintendo Switch is planning major alterations to their online multiplayer for Nintendo and with the imminent release of Nintendo Switch in the coming months – news is being released at regular intervals.

Recent reports reveal that it appears that Nintendo are modernising their online multiplayer – enabling voice chat and doing away with friend codes and other older style features.

According to Laura Dale, a Nintendo insider, Nintendo Switch will utilise gameplay sharing and although it is not clear whether users will have to subscribe online by paying a fixed price, the move is still seen as a positive one in terms of improved functionality.

It is inevitable that the company will aim to put some signature features on the new multiplayer, but finer details won’t be known until some-time in January when price, specs, games and release date will be revealed.

It is expected that the list of games available on the console will be super charged by the addition of Beyond Good and Evil 2.  It appears however that these additions will only be ‘exclusive’ for a set period of time.  These games, along with Codenamed Odyssey will be on Switch for one year before being available on rival models’ Xbox One and PS4.  It remains possible that Beyond Good and Evil will not be ready and available in March – the month of the expected Nintendo Switch release.

As well as the console, details of Nintendo Switch accessories have been mentioned at the CES event in Las Vegas, US.  It seems that Snakebyte has revealed plans for a foldable headset and starter kit for the new console, as well as a Classic Mini controller extension cable. A statement by Snakebyte gives more information about the newly planned accessories, telling us that they are “ideal for on-the-go gaming, the Foldable Headset features powerful 40mm drivers for crisp, clear gaming audio.  They neatly fold up when traveling, making it the perfect companion to your Switch tablet.”

The starter kit will include a carry bag, stereo earbuds, cleaning cloth, screen protector, control caps and game cases.

Both accessory packs are expected to be ready to ship in spring of 2017 – in close proximity to the proposed Nintendo Switch launch.

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