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Nintendo Switch: UK to pay more as price leak reveals higher prices for console

Published: 07/01/2017 by Comments

Nintendo Switch: UK to pay more as price leak reveals higher prices for console

It appears that customers hoping to purchase the new Nintendo Switch console may be pinched by UK prices, as announcements confirm Nintendo’s intention to show another presentation of launch titles on 13th January in Tokyo.

The presentation will be shown at 4am UK time with a subsequent Treehouse Live event to follow – which Gamespot has confirmed will look primarily at the games line-up. The follow up event will be shown at 6.30am (Tokyo time) on Youtube and Twitch enabling UK fans to connect to the airing at 2.30pm.

The news comes amidst reactions to the price of the console.  An insider at Nintendo explains that retailers in the UK typically decide their price for new Nintendo consoles. This insider information was released in response to reports suggesting that the new console would be priced at £245 in the UK – more than a proportion of prices already quoted in various regions.

It is expected that details of price, spec, games and the date of release will all be revealed at the Tokyo launch this month, with the gaming sector happy to see Nintendo modernise its offering in the market.

The Nintendo Switch is reported to incorporate gameplay sharing and has been enhanced by the addition of Beyond Good and Evil 2 to its repertoire of available games.

It seems that rumours of Beyond Good and Evil 2’s exclusivity deal with Nintendo Switch have been clarified, revealing that the deal only lasts for 12 months – after which Xbox One and PS4 will be allowed to add it to their list.  Codenamed Odyssey is another game that will be added to the list of exclusive games (for a limited time).

It remains uncertain whether Beyond Good and Evil will be completed in time for the March release date of the Nintendo Switch.

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