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Nintendo Wii price dropped to £100

Published: 22/05/2011 by Comments

The Wii costs now less than £100. This may have happened due to the much awaited arrival of the Wii 2 which will be showcased by E3 in the UK.

Both Game and Gamestation acknowledged the price drop and will sell the console for only £99.99. The package will have one of the two free games available with the console, Mario Kart or Wii Sports Resort.

Neil Ashurst from Game and Gamestation believes that the price will bring many Wii enthusiasts online in order to buy one. He said: “The opportunity to buy the Nintendo Wii for under £100 is a fantastic chance for those who previously haven’t experienced the Wii. We are delighted to offer this deal to our customers.”

At the beginning of this week a video showing the Wii 2 circulated on the internet. It revealed that the new console will have a touchscreen display which will be large enough to easily input functions.

The Wii 2 is set to arrive in stores all over the world in 2012. This only makes the first Wii more affordable and easier to acquire at this moment. What comes as more good news is the fact that the Wii Sports Resort pack will drop by £50, which makes the current price for one unit about £129. It is a significant difference compared to what Game offers.

Only the two online game retailers – Game and Gamestation – stay under the £100 mark whereas Tesco sells the console for £109, HMV for £115, and, as well as ShoTo for almost £120. This will make customers hurry to get the new console from the two retailers as soon as they get their hands on the necessary amount.

Nintendo appears to have been busy with the Wii 2 and is not keeping a tight grip on old Wii’s price tag. This will gain the company more popularity and attention as Wii 2 promises to revolutionize gaming.

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