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No Dental Pet Insurance for Cats and Dogs

Published: 08/05/2011 by Comments

Around 1.8 million cats and dogs encountered dental issues in 2010. Treatment costs rose to an average sum estimated somewhere at £200. According to Sainsbury Finance, more than 60% of pet owners couldn’t do much with their dental insurance policy for pets. The situation revealed that more than half of them didn’t manage to cover all the costs for the procedures.

Of all dog races, Labradors develop dental issues the most. The race is known to be the one responsible for the largest number of insurance claims for pets spanning across the two species.

Cats on the other hand are not spared the health problems. Siamese cats have a predilection to developing dental issues. The case resembles the one encountered by Labradors for dogs.

A region based analysis revealed that the cats and dogs from East Midlands and those from the East side of England have the most serious dental issues. There wasn’t actually a rational explanation to why this is happening to the pets located in those particular areas of the country.

According to Lucy Hunter from Sainsbury Pet Insurance, the best cure is the owner’s attention towards the animal. Prevention is what Ms Hunter believes in most. She said: “Owners should take their pets to the vet for regular dental checks and take professional advice to reduce the risk of problems occurring. Also, when looking at pet insurance policies, owners should choose very carefully and not just consider price alone.”

Sainsbury’s Finance will extend the pet insurance in order to cover the unexpected dental issues when it comes to pets. Pet owners will benefit from another 5% discount if they manage to insure another pet.

The insurance company has insurance levels that can now cover staggering costs of up to £7,500 for a condition. There are many diseases which can be covered by insurance but dental issues appear to be part of yet uncertain coverage capability.

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