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O2 and Nokia partnership to increase 3G performance

Published: 02/02/2011 by Comments

O2, UK broadband provider, signed a three-year upgrade deal with Nokia Siemens Network aiming to provide better data services to its customer base.

In essence, Nokia Siemens will provide its technology and hardware solutions to O2 in order to enhance the quality of its current 3G service. Ultimately, the deal will result in faster mobile O2, UK broadband speeds and better connectivity for customers of O2.

The deal will also provide services including network implementation, project management, advanced technical support and consultancy services, giving O2 an edge in the market. According to Rob Stent, representative for O2, the company is “committed to providing our radio equipment to power” as well as increasing the coverage and capabilities for Telefonica. In addition, Stent explained that O2, the recognized market leader of Flex stations, already has a great network.

An advantage of Flexi base stations is that a simple software will be enough to upgrade the networks to high speed LTE (Long Term Evolution) based services. The upgrade provided by Nokia will afford O2 a platform of support for future upgrades of LTE services. Likewise, it will allow for better and faster connections.

NSN will provide O2 with its technology to help O2 to continuously monitor their network performance and service quality real-time. By 2014, they expect O2 to have the ability to switch to LTE coverage easily.

O2 revealed last week that it had increased its investment to itself by 25% this year following other rivals that have been very active in the innovation of their services.

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