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O2 launch SME Business Broadband

Published: 12/05/2011 by Comments

The new broadband package has been available as of Monday, and it will come with two different sets of connection speeds and security features, according to what O2.

Home Office is a package that will be running on two PCs and will cost about £20.50 a month, without the VAT for customers that aren’t involved with O2 or £5 cheaper for the ones who already are O2 customers. When it comes to speeds, O2 offers a bandwidth of 20Mbps for download as well as 1.3Mbps of upload. The package also contains two McAfee licenses for business based PCs. The total use of data can reach only 150GB.

Office 10 is the second package which offer support for almost 10 PCs, and also includes 10 McAfee licenses. The download limit is the same as the one found in the first package, but the upload speed doubles to 2.5Mbps. There is also a total use of 300GB of data, which also doubles the amount of data allowed in the first package. The monthly charge is of £22.50, without placing the VAT, and for new customers, the sum goes up to £27.50.

Both the Home Office and the Office 10 offer a static IP address without any further costs. Simon Devonshire, who is O2’s general manager of small and medium businesses, believes that the service packages are what customers need most, and that is internet access. He said: “We understand just how vital internet access is to our customers in terms of managing their day-to-day operations. We also know the pressure they’re under to cut costs, save time and improve efficiency.”

O2 also offers a service called “Fast Fix”, which will cost £10 more per month. It will ensure “a speedier fix” of problems that the service might encounter and make the necessary changes. It will also have a dongle which will aid the customers during periods of downtime.

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