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O2 network down in London and South East

Published: 19/05/2011 by Comments

O2’s network is currently down in several locations in London and the South East after vandals decided to destroy and steal some of the equipment from an O2 site. The towns of Southend and Margate experienced similar downtime at the beginning of this year when Vodafone was the victim. Vodafone then had to repair the incident at Basingstoke where the interruption was felt by the entire South West.

The acts themselves happened during the night, and teams immediately responded to the calls in order to fix the problems. O2 arranged for a statement to be available on their website. According to the company’s inspection, there was “no estimated time for this to be fixed, however we’re working on getting our network up and running as soon as possible and expect it to be today”.

The company didn’t want to reveal the specifics concerning the attack, nor the location of the site for reasons regarding the security of the investigation in which the police is taking part as well. It is currently “too early to draw any conclusions”. O2 subscribers from both North and East London, as well as from Essex, Kent and East Sussex can’t make any voice calls or even send text messages. The affected area spreads on to the English Channel, to Margate and Folkestone. Also, 3G calls are not available in North London, in Camden, across Potters Bar and Greenwich. It extends to Epping, Romford and Dartford.

“This was a well organized theft which targeted this operations site. We have the full support of the police in investigating this incident. We have extensive continuity plans which we are bringing into effect now,” O2 revealed about the attack.

There wasn’t an official apology made by the company but this may as well mean that it was unexpected and not easy to come by.

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