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Ofcom investigating high Broadband & Phone Bills

Published: 13/05/2011 by Comments

Ofcom is carrying out an investigation regarding the possibilities of protecting users from expensive phone and broadband bills.

The communications force of balance wants to be actively involved in people’s cases where they cannot manage to explain to themselves the cost of the bill. Ofcom offers assistance in cases such as service downloads or mobile calls from outside the border, and even premium numbers.

According to one of its studies, more and more unexpected bills appear to have been noticed among people who often use their mobiles, seconded by the ones using landline phones and broadband connections. The study revealed that 10% of the number of billed people had to pay an added cost of £100 to their bill.

Ofcom said that there already are rules to take care of problems such as these bill shocks, but if the regulator cannot deal with them, then the providers should take them into consideration.

A survey was created by Ofcom for the sole purpose of inquiring people about the services they receive and how they use data. The end date for the survey is June 14th. People are encouraged to address Ofcom if there are any discrepancies with the bills or they believe the sums are not reflecting the use of their communication services.

In a statement issues concerning the bills, the communication regulator said: “If the charges are still not recognised, you should contact your service provider. It may be helpful to send them a copy of your bill, highlighting the relevant charges and the reasons why they are being disputed.”

Both TalkTalk and Tiscali received warnings from Ofcom in November last year. The number of complaints got above 1,000. Consumers were shocked to find that they were billed without even benefiting from any communication services.

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