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Oranage Broadband launches new campaign

Published: 13/05/2011 by Comments

Orange began a new campaign promoting its broadband service. It is called the “No Tricks Just Treats” campaign, and it is meant to increase awareness of its course of action regarding the future of broadband connections. Orange’s main goal is to keep everything as simple as possible and charge a fixed rate per month without leaving their customers to think that there are other hidden taxes. Its campaign is true to the word as there is a ‘fair-usage’ policy which immediately kicks in if the download limits are breached.

The “treats” are comprised of 2 films for only 1 purchase and also a 2 for 1 Pizza Express available only on “Orange Wednesdays”. Another treat represents a free of charge voucher valuing £20. It is given to the customer when the contract is signed. Already existing Orange customers get to have a monthly £5 discount on their broadband service.

Sylvain Thevenot, who is the Marketing Director at Orange Home Broadband believes the campaign will be successful and is confident that people will trust the packages as well as the benefits of signing a contract with Orange. He said: “With so many different price plans and packages available in the market, it’s important that consumers get to see exactly what they are paying for upfront without falling prey to hidden charges further down the line. We’re committed to being as transparent as possible with our broadband price plans, so ‘No Tricks Just Treats’ forms part of a wider commitment by us to our customers.”

Orange is actually in a tight spot at the moment as its number of home broadband customers has been constantly dropping for the last few years. The company’s plummeting trajectory revealed that in one year alone there was an 11% drop in the number of Orange broadband users.

One thing appears to be certain with Orange and its current campaign: the company will definitely try to desperately keep its end of the bargain in order to gain the trust of possible customers.

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