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Orange 20mbps Broadband UK Trial Launches

Published: 09/03/2009 by Comments

On the 6th of March 2009, Orange UK announced that it has started a trial of a fixed line broadband service that offers up to 20Mbps download speed. Orange will offer this service at the same price as the existing 8mbs service, this will help to keep Orange competitive. Unlike Virgin Media, which uses fibre optic cable for its up to 50mbps broadband service, Orange uses copper wire. In trials by Be* Broadband using copper wire, downloads of up to 48mbps have been achieved by bonding two high speed connections together. Be* Broadband currently offer an up to 24mbs service, with further trials taking place this year, so Orange will need to catch up with the competition.

The Director of Broadband and Home (Orange UK) , Asif Aziz, said that “This trial is an important step in enabling us to offer up to 20 Meg home broadband to consumers across our network. It is also testament to our ongoing commitment to evolve our fixed broadband service and ensure we offer customers a truly reliable user experience.” The participants in the 20mbs trial will have access to a specialised support team and an informative micro site. The aim of the trial is to monitor the stability and performance of the new service, before it is released onto the Orange network.

Orange has seen broadband customer levels drop in the past year. Orange have been working to fix its problems with customer service, broadband speeds and reliability. Orange’s CEO, Tom Alexander, is committed to improving Orange’s fixed broadband and wants to ensure that the company meets the needs of the 21st century customer. In the 2009 January and February speed tests, rated Orange the fastest in the up to 8mps category.

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