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Orange offers up iPad 2 and iPhone 4 package deal

Published: 08/06/2011 by Comments

Orange offers up iPad 2 and iPhone 4 package deal

Orange provides a new option for its customers which includes a special bundle package when purchasing both the iPhone 4 and the iPad 2. This means that people now have the possibility to get a 3G new iPad and Apple’s newest selling iPhone at only £65 a month from any Orange store.

Although the offer appears to be very much appealing, the customers only have access to 2G of data, which is a bit low for starters. If the limit was somewhere around 5 or 6GB many would’ve struggled to take Orange’s offer as soon as possible. The amount of data doesn’t appear to be too much of a reason to get the offer, but it comes with a 600 minute option alongside it, an unlimited text messaging.

It may sound like a bargain for many, but this is not the case. Those who choose to take this offer will have to pay 24 months which will rise to a total of £1,900. For many the offer will still stand as affordable when they think of the 16GB iPhone 4 and the 16GB iPad2. It is exactly the ideal package for those who enjoy an online presence and portability wherever they go. Orange’s plan is also known as “Connected”, but the limited amount of data makes it less desirable than the offer made for the BlackBerry.

The fruit colored company offers the 8520 handset with 50 minutes and 50 text messages for only £10 a month. If one desires a better offer, the Orange 15 SIM only will provide 100 minutes and 500 text messages, as well as 100MB of data plus e-mail. This option is also available for an affordable and quite decent £15 a month.

Although some may raise their eyebrow at Orange’s offers, the iPhone/iPad merger is actually cheaper than most separate deals. The BT Openzone Wi-Fi is good enough for those who don’t want too spend too much time downloading media files, but any other office related files or even browsing is welcome. Because it lasts 2 years, the contract might scare a few people away because Apple is in release-spree of both hardware and software. Many will choose to wait for offers which will include new releases from Apple.

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