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Over 200,000 ‘secret’ credit cards in the UK

Published: 08/05/2009 by Comments

Sneaky Brits have racked up over 200,000 secret credit cards, according to a new survey conducted by Halifax Credit Cards. The research revealed that we’ve got 217,000 credit cards that are kept hidden from our partners!

Despite the current recession, it appears that some of us are still relying on our trusty plastic to get us through the month until payday - and keeping it a secret from our significant others to boot!

Most of the guilty card holders admitted that the main reason they keep a secret credit card is to hide certain purchases from their other halves, whilst others wanted to prevent their partners from seeing the full extent of their personal debt.

However, Andy Bryant, Head of Marketing for Halifax Credit Cards, warned against this, explaining that it’s a downward spiral that will eventually be unravelled.

“It’s important that people are honest about their finances with their partner as it may affect their ability to secure products in joint names.” He said.

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