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Over 25.7 million Virgin Media broadband customers online Christmas Day

Published: 04/01/2017 by Comments

Over 25.7 million Virgin Media broadband customers online Christmas Day

Figures calculated by Virgin Media confirm that Christmas Day saw more than 25.7 million devices used to get online.  Devices ranged from smartphones to tablets and TVs across 4.9 million broadband customers with the company – close to an eight per cent increase from last year.

The number of devices connected to the network via Virgin Media’s mobile network is thought to be almost two million over Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Customers used almost 12 terabytes of data over the season, as they sent seasonal messages to family and friends by video, text messaging, calls and tweets, making use of the fast 4G connection available.  In context, this amount of usage is equivalent to streaming 275,000 videos on YouTube or sending 50 million photos/images on Snapchat.  Most Virgin Media customers used around 81MB of data, comparable to sending 326 to Facebook via upload.

It is also estimated by the company that users of WhatsApp sent somewhere in the region of one million messages at midnight, as New Years’ day began.  Virgin media have also recorded that 98,000MB of data was exchanged by users as the New Year approached, with most consumers sending an average of five images on Facebook or Snapchat or 129 messages via Twitter.

The news comes shortly after Ofcom reports reveal Virgin Media’s solid standing among customers, with only 11 complaints recorded per 100,000 people – a difference from the average figure of 20 complaints per 100,000 people across the broadband sector generally.

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