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Pal-V the world’s first commercial flying car is now on sale

Published: 13/02/2017 by Comments

Flying cars are now available for all to purchase thanks to PAL-V, a Dutch motor vehicle manufacturing company.

The winged cars can travel up to 112mph. The vehicles go by the names of Liberty Pioneer and Liberty Sport, the cars have three wheels and will be able to transport two people.

The Pioneer comes with a $600,000 price tag and the Sport a touch cheaper at $400,000. Included in the price are flying lessons, an electric flight instrument display, and power heating.

Customers who are unable to pay for the cars in full can pay a $25,000 deposit for the pioneer and $10,000 for the Sport.

Both of the vehicles are fitted with double engines, one for flying the other for driving and a retractable rotor blade.

When travelling on the road the Liberty is able to rev up speeds of 100mph and travels from 0-62 mph in nine seconds.

Manufacturing company PAL-V states that it takes 10 minutes to make the transition from driving to flying mode and you will travel 310 miles on a full tank.

According to PAL-V CEO Robert Dingermanse, his team has been working on the car for several years. They have had to overcome many technical challenges, he says: “We have been successful in creating something that has not been done before. This is innovative and edgy, we are in compliance with worldwide health and safety standards and we are excited about launching the cars to the public and we are confident that our flying cars will be a global success.”

For customers interested in purchasing one of the vehicles, PAL-V won’t start shipping for some time and the first deliveries are not scheduled until the end of 2018.

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