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Parents urged to check car insurance

Published: 30/06/2009 by Comments

Child Safety Week is underway once again and campaigners are urging parents to make sure that their children are safely secured in the appropriate car seat before heading out for the school run. With latest figures showing that over a million people have had an accident while on the daily journey to school in the last five years, it’s critical that parents have car seats properly fitted and make sure they are covered by an appropriate car insurance package.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance also revealed that accidents are twice as likely to happen on the morning run compared to the afternoon drive. A shocking 15% of motorists admit to driving with children in the car, without car seats or seatbelts in place.

The supermarket giant is offering a package that includes a ‘new for old’ scheme on car seats after an accident. It’s important that parents check the small print before signing up to a new policy, as not all companies include this as part of their comprehensive cover.

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