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Pet Insurance is shunned by cat and dog owners

Published: 09/02/2010 by Comments

A shocking two thirds of UK cat and dog owners have shunned pet insurance according to a recent survey by Not only that, but a further fifth of all pet owners revealed that should their animal become sick or injured, they wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of a large vet’s bill.

Perhaps it’s unsurprising, considering that the average cost of keeping a pet is £670 per animal - with food costing the most, closely followed by vet fees and household items such as toys and bedding.

Many pet insurance providers now offer competitive packages, including GoCompare, making it more affordable for families to ensure their pets are covered. In fact, many pet lovers don’t think twice about splurging on an unnecessary treat and, as a result, can’t afford to sign up for pet insurance. However, many pet owners who opt out of getting their furry friends covered aren’t saving money in the long run - looking after a poorly pet without insurance can prove more costly in the long term.

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