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Pet Insurance should be considered a necessity

Published: 21/05/2011 by Comments

With vet bills reaching into the thousands, Pet Insurance should be considered a necessity, having Pet Insurance which only costs from as little as a few pounds a month, can really offer peace of mind, should anything bad happen to your pet.

According to Pet Gazette, a magazine which only deals with pet related issues, revealed:
“With vet’s bills capable of running to thousands of pounds, it is vital for responsible pet owners to take out insurance. Almost all animals can now be covered, and not only does it give owners peace of mind, it also ensures that when a pet does fall ill, or has an accident, the owner can give their pet the best possible care rather than worrying about the costs.”

Owning a pet represents a huge responsibility as the owners must dedicate part of their time to tend to their pet. But this terrific news makes this job much easier now. Most Brits currently use price comparison sites to search for a convenient pet insurance quote. It is easier to use the internet in order to find quotes as there are many search options from where to choose, and thus results come much faster.

The most common pet insurance quotes are situated between £1,000 and £4,000, but can go up to £7,500, depending on the animal and its affliction. If the pet suffers from more than one disease the insurance provides cover for that as well for a period of one year. The same thing applies when pets get old and require periodical check-ups.

Estimates reveal that Britain has almost 7.3 million dogs and around 7.2 million cats – Pet Foods Manufacturer Association.

Owners are advised to search for the right type of pet insurance as their dogs or cats may require different treatments which may or may not be covered by the most common quotes. This is why a vet must first take some tests and ascertain the animal’s health condition.

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