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Plusnet Broadband cuts 18-month contracts

Published: 24/09/2009 by Comments

Plusnet has slashed the length of its broadband contracts from 18 months to a year. The 18 month contracts were previously available for the internet service provider’s Value and Unlimited broadband services. The longer length deal meant that any customers who wanted to cancel before their contract was up had to pay a fee. The charge, which was based on the amount of time the customer had left until the contract was up, is no longer applicable as the Plusnet cancellation policy has also been amended in line with the new, shorter subscription deal.

However, there is still a package available that’s contract free. The Plusnet HomePhone deal, with offers evening and weekend local calls as well as 300 minutes of international calls, doesn’t require customers to sign up for a contract.

CEO of Plusnet, Anthony Vollmer, explained that the change meant Plusnet was relying on customer loyalty instead of trapping consumers into an extended deal to make them subscribe for longer. “Moving to shorter commitment periods allows customers so much more flexibility. We want our customers to stay with us because they love our phone and broadband products, not because we have tired them into lengthy contracts.”

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