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Plusnet Broadband extends free installation offer

Published: 19/11/2009 by Comments

Internet Service providers Plusnet has extended a popular discount offer until the end of January next year. The special offer, which provides customers with discounted phone line installation is aimed at trying to help people save pennies as they weather the recession. The company must also be hoping that it encourages new customers to take the plunge and sign up.

Those taking advantage of the extended offer will have their phone line installed for just £49.99, less than half the wholesale cost.

On top of this great deal, loyal Plusnet customers who recommend the service to friends and family can enjoy a monthly discount if they go on to sign up to one of the internet packages on offer.

Not only that, but Plusnet currently holds the crown for offering the cheapest overall package at just £5.99 a month for an 8mbs service.

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