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Plusnet Launch New Value Broadband Package

Published: 31/03/2011 by Comments

Plusnet launched the new fibre broadband connection which is available for only £16.49 per month

“Value Fibre” and “Extra Fibre” represent two broadband packages which will be launched by Plusnet on April 19th 2011. The cheapest package from the two is the “Value Fibre”, a package which will guarantee a 40Mb bandwidth with a limit of 40 GB, and it will cost £16.49 per month, while its bigger “brother”, the “Extra Fibre” will also guarantee a 40Mb bandwidth, but will have a 120 GB limit. The latter of the two packages will cost £21.49 a month, but both of them will be about £10 more expensive than the standard broadband package.

Plusnet also has a new wireless router which is free to install and activate but its delivery will cost approximately £4.99. The installment and activation are free under the sole condition that the connection will also have a Home Phone package attached to it. If a customer chooses not to take this additional package, he or she will need to pay a fee of £50.

Signing with Plusnet Fibre broadband will immediately start a contract of a minimum of 18 months which is the basic length of a contract. BT Infinity and Virgin Media are both serious competitors when it comes to choosing a limited and also cheaper fibre broadband connection, but Plusnet holds the best deal on the market with its £200 package.

Plusnet is owned by BT, and this makes BT’s fibre network very much available for holding a fibre optic broadband connection. BT’s network offers a FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) service, an installment of copper wires which transmits data from a cabinet to a home. The company’s network will try to supply internet service to almost 66% of the UK by the year 2015.

Plusnet’s Chief Executive, Jamie Ford, later revealed that: “Plusnet Fibre is the next generation of broadband and 96 per cent of our trialists say they would recommend the service to friends. This will really benefit households where there are several users.”

BT’s Plusnet is soon to grow into a colossal internet service provider, and provide not the usual internet connection, but a super speed broadband connection for more than half of UK’s population.

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