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Prepare well for summer on the roads

Published: 20/07/2009 by Comments

The Retail Motor Industry Federation has urged drivers to allow adequate preparation time before they head off on their summer holidays to avoid having to make a claim on their car insurance. They have revealed that the weather really does have an effect on your vehicles, mainly due to the motoring habits of drivers.

During the colder months, we tend to use our cars for shorter journeys which put little strain on the vehicle. However, as soon as the warmer weather hits, we’re eager to spend some time away from home and waste no time in hitting the motorway .

If you don’t look after your car beforehand, a long journey can be problematic, so regular services are essential. The Retail Motor Industry Federation is encouraging drivers to check the engine and cooling system before setting off, as well as the pressure and tread depth of their tyres.

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