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Rapid growth of wireless broadband in UK homes

Published: 27/08/2009 by Comments

Wireless Broadband has rapidly grown in UK homes, according to expert John Dunn, Editor of IT website Techworld. The technology, which has revolutionised home internet usage, has grown in popularity in recent years. Mr Dunn believes this is down to the current speeds and competitive prices that are being offered in order to gain new sign ups and make wireless broadband more accessible. Consumers are taking advantage of the bundles on offer, taking up the ‘mature and easy’ wireless option.

Mr Dunn explains how wireless broadband ‘went nowhere for years’ but has recently grown in popularity at a rapid rate as the internet has evolved to become an integral part of our everyday lives. With the advent of social networking and sites like Twitter, more and more of us are relying on the world wide web as a method of communication, whether we log onto a wireless service through a computer or mobile phone.

“Wi-Fi seemed like an easy way to make these devices internet-capable without compelling people to buy slower and expensive data plans from mobile phone networks,” he says. “Mobile networks have fought back with a separate wireless technology called 3G, which is also just about fast enough to allow usable mobile broadband.”

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