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Rear-end bumps among most popular car insurance claims

Published: 18/05/2011 by Comments

More and more motorists who get involved in accidents appear to damage their rear-end bumpers more often than before. An collision resulting in a rear-end bumper accident needs to be reported in the claim on the car insurance of that respective car owner.

According to a survey conducted by Admiral - a car insurance dealer, there are almost 405,000 accidents in the UK every year. All of them end with at least one of the cars’ rear-end bumper getting damaged.

The survey also found out that 2010 marked the increase of car insurance claims coming from 27% of the drivers who bumped into the vehicle in front of them. The number of claims reported for 2010 was 9% higher than the one reported for 2009.

Sue Longthorn from Admiral said that the accidents are reported in areas where traffic goes really slow and motorists don’t pay attention or act impulsively. A rear-end bump isn’t a dangerous-free accident as some drivers had to deal with whiplashes. The costs supported by insurance companies reach almost £2 billion each year.

Ms. Longthorn also added the fact that drivers need to be cautious and avoid “slam on accidents” which involves a sudden stop of the car at a minor or avoidable impediment. She said: “It’s very difficult to prove incidents such as these so we would advise all motorists to be aware they are on the increase and be vigilant. There are unscrupulous drivers out there causing slam on accidents so it’s important to keep your distance from cars in front.”

The best course of action the motorists need to make is to keep calm even if encounter stressful situations behind the wheel. What the survey suggests is that most of the front to rear bumps happen due to lack of distance, attention, and hastiness.

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