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Reasons why you should buy the new Apple iPad 2

Published: 29/03/2011 by Comments

The Americans were not the only ones that found the new Apple iPad 2 very appealing; the British themselves manifested a keen interest in buying this new gadget, by queing for hours prior to it’s intial release. The iPad 2’s appealing features consist mainly of a great price, a sleek design, better performance, and amazing apps. These main features are way too broad in order to make someone decide to buy this new and improved version of the iPad. There is much to be praised about Apple’s new “child”.

Looking at the £399 price tag for the 16 GB Wi-Fi version, one may notice that it isn’t that much different than the original iPad launched just one year ago. This great pricing for such advanced technology made even Samsung “throw in the towel” and reduce the price of their Galaxy Tab to become even more competitive.

Pricing alone won’t make the Brits buy this new tablet, but when it comes to applications, number of songs, videos, and pod-casts the new iPad 2 doesn’t fail to deliver. Combining these options with a sleek, thinner, and ‘went through a diet’ look, the tablet looks very appealing to any tech lover and not only. Performance and design really did intertwine and produced a heavy competitor among most tablet producers. A great software library with exclusives like Smart Cover, media content, and HDMI mirroring, combined with a long living battery, make the iPad 2 an offer most people cannot refuse.

Weighing only 607g, it’s much lighter than its predecessor, and to the fans’ satisfaction, it holds a powerful and also new A5 dual core processor which ‘neighbors’ 512 Mb of RAM memory. This new tablet has a lot more apps than Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Phone 7 put together. This alone makes Brits buy it and desire it even more. The Android era didn’t stand a chance against Apple’s operating system. Updates are easier to make than ever thanks to the iOS’s versatility and easy to use programs. The Bluetooth keyboard, the awesome screen, and high resolutions are undeniably brilliant.

Britons are well known for their sharp eye and high expectations for quality services. Apple’s customer service through Apple Stores offers help even after the warranty has expired. This top notch and at the same time reassuring fact makes the iPad 2 eligible for ‘stepping’ on British ‘welcome’ mats.

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