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Robots and AI could takeover the public sector within 15 years

Published: 07/02/2017 by Comments

Robots taking over the world may sound like an extravagant futuristic movie, unfortunately there appears to be a very real likelihood that this could take place in this generation; robots are set to take over the public sector and replace humans within 15 years.

According to think tank firm Reform, over the next 15 years, a significant number of administration staff will be replaced with Al chat bots and websites.

It has been predicted that more by 2030 more than 130,000 admin staff within the public sector will be replaced. Which is the majority of employees in the Whitehall area. This new venture could witness £2.6 billion in savings per year.

The remainder of the roles lost will come from the NHS and replacing GP receptionists across the United Kingdom.

This could lead to an estimated savings of £1.7 billion per year, making total savings of more than £4 billion.

There are also talks that doctors will possibly be replaced by robots. Reports state that machines will be able to perform a more accurate diagnosis and even some procedures that don’t require surgery.

The machines will require regular maintenance, and people will be hired for these positions; however, the government will still save a significant amount.

Many jobs are threatened; employees are panicking not knowing whether or not their positions are in jeopardy.

Despite the fact that these changes will not take place until 2030, employees whose jobs are likely to get replaced should start looking at other options. This involves being retrained in areas where there is a limited chance of humans being replaced by robots. There have been no talks about the possibility of compensation for jobs lost as of yet.

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