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Rumour of new Apple Watch 3 with longer-life battery releasing late 2017

Published: 04/01/2017 by Comments

Rumour of new Apple Watch 3 with longer-life battery releasing late 2017

The brand new Apple Watch is ready for release into the market in autumn, as Apple sets to move on from supply chain challenges of the past.

Reports from the Chinese owned Economic Daily News website indicate that the release date for the Apple Watch Series 3 is quarter three of 2017.  The Watch, which comes with a series of improved features and upgrades, follows the last Apple model released just three months ago.

It is not thought however that the new device will appear significantly different from previous models in terms of features or included services. The main difference will be the hardware and battery life improvements which will positively affect overall performance.  In simple terms this will hopefully mean that the processor for the new Watch will be more powerful and efficient and users will not be inconvenienced by low battery life.

A launch date speculated between July and September falls in line with Apple’s previous releases as they forge ahead in collaboration with Quanta Computer – the company contracted to manufacture the new device.

Apple witnessed a 71 per cent decrease in its sales of wearables in late 2016, compared with the previous year and is keen to re-establish a foothold in the wearables market.
A summary view saw Apple’s share of the overall smartwatch market reducing to just 4.9 per cent in the quarter ending September 2016, in contrast to 17.5 per cent in 2015.

In spite of poorer than anticipated sales Apple remains optimistic about its potential in the wearable technology sector and in the sector itself. These positive remarks come amidst claims by analysts that the company sold approximately 7.5 million Apple Watches in 2016 – a figure much less than forecasted.

It is difficult to speculate on current sales figures of the new device as Apple don’t disclose figures for their wearable device category but according to Tim Cook, CEO, sales are “doing great”.

In conjunction with the announcement of the new Apple Watch (in September 2016), Apple took the opportunity to introduce its newest version of Wearable software – Watch OS 3.0.  This upgrade enabled consumers to get more benefit from their device with improved interactivity and easier navigation.  Users are now able to keep an eye on their fitness activities, check their calendars for notifications and send/receive messages.

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