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Sainsbury’s credit card now offers Free Nectar points

Published: 13/05/2011 by Comments

Those who currently find themselves in the need of a credit card should probably consider having a look at Sainsbury’s new credit card which offers great incentives.

Sainsbury’s Finance is to repay their consumers’ loyalty with rewards such as 3,000 Nectar points or other discounts. People who are able to sign for a credit card until the 23rd of May will instantly receive the 3,000 points.

If people use their Sainsbury’s credit card for their first time while shopping will get a £15 discount. When card owners will buy products or fuel from Sainsbury’s fuel stations and supermarkets, they will receive 2 Nectar points for every £1 spent. This feature comes with the Double Nectar service which can be used for the first two years of the card’s life.

Sainsbury’s Finance appears to have the recommendations necessary in order to be trusted as one of the best credit card providers. It received the Best Online Credit Card Provider award just last year. Its services appeal to most Britons, and as customers, most of them are satisfied with the credit card’s successful campaign.

If people don’t listen to awards or don’t usually trust information coming through word of mouth then figures represent Sainsbury’s greatest ‘lawyers’. The interest rate is 12.92 for each cent, a rate which ensures the monthly balance payment.

There are people who only wish to get the standard credit card which involves 0% as an interest rate. It only works for the first year of use, unlike Tesco’s which is good for one extra month. Sainsbury’s incentives and its Nectar points system will surely bring more customers and will definitely get more attention once people find out that the services are working flawlessly.

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