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Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance reports 28% increase in dog claims

Published: 18/06/2009 by Comments

New figures released by Sainsbury’s Finance has shown that there is a 28% increase on their pet insurance policies relating to the behaviour of dogs. The company has reported that the sharp increase in claims is mainly due to owners leaving their pets at home alone.

As extremely sociable creatures that thrive on love and affection, even heading out for a normal five hour working day can have a profound effect on your pet dog - causing them separation anxiety. It seems a dog really is man’s best friend, as this stress is due to the animal worrying about the location and well being of their owner.

Symptoms of separation anxiety include destructive behaviour and can even manifest itself as an illness through vomiting. Sainsbury’s urged people to consider the commitment and responsibility when deciding to welcome a pet dog to their household, especially if they work long hours or are frequently away from home.

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