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Sainsburys Pet Insurance reveals owners forced to put down their pet

Published: 17/03/2010 by Comments

Uninsured pet owners are being forced to have their animals put down because they can afford costly vet bills, a survey by Sainsbury’s pet insurance has revealed. A shocking 56% of vets admitted they had been forced to put cats or dogs to sleep, when they could have been treated, simply because their owners couldn’t find the extra pennies for treatment.

Sainsbury’s is warning pet owners that this bleak picture could affect them too, if they don’t get cover for the family animals. With vet fees rising by 12% each year, many pet owners are being forced to turn down long courses of treatment required by their furry friend, simply because of the cost.

The heart-breaking decision to put down a family pet is always devastating when there’s no other option, so those who have lost their pet when they could have been saved should serve as a stark warning to others.

“It [pet insurance] should be an essential item on a prospective owner’s list when weighing up whether to purchase an animal or not.” Joanne Mallon, manager of Sainsbury’s pet insurance explained. “Advances in veterinary science mean that our pets can get the best treatment possible these days, but these improvements including everything from more sophisticated scans to cancer treatments come at higher costs and the financial burden is being felt by pet owners.”

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