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Sainsbury’s Pet Insurance warn over sticks and ponds

Published: 02/10/2009 by Comments

Dog owners enjoy nothing more than a walk across the fields with their beloved pets, often indulging in the traditional game of ‘fetch’. However, a pet insurance provider has warned that although animal lovers like to play with their canine pals, dogs can actually suffer a serious injury or a deadly illness by catching sticks. Owners are also encouraged to keep their furry friends away from ponds, as algae infested water can cause vomiting and diarrhea, costing insurers £9.3million pounds in claim costs per year.

Sainsbury’s Finance revealed that sticks are a major cause of lacerations and bacterial infections, which can lead to life-threatening conditions like septicemia. Lacerations alone account for 26,000 claims per year, resulting in costs of £4.7million pounds. Sainsbury’s Finance is advising dog owners to stay away from sticks, and instead use rubber toys instead while on their daily walk.

Lucy Hunter, Pet Insurance Manager at Sainsbury’s Finance, explained why it’s so important to take these warnings on board.

“Dogs do need to be able to run around, but simple steps can be taken to reduce the chances of them being injured or picking up an illness. You need to make sure you have adequate pet insurance so that unforeseen ailments and resulting veterinary care should be covered.”

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