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Screenshot leaks reveal Windows 10 Project Neon with unrecognisable new design

Published: 06/01/2017 by Comments

Screenshot leaks reveal Windows 10 Project Neon with unrecognisable new design

Windows 10 is heading for an unveiling of a bold redesign later in 2017.  Microsoft has plans to change their interface in a dramatic new update which will include increased use of animation, as well the incorporation of blur effects.

Some of the screenshot plans for the project – codenamed Project Neon within Microsoft – were leaked exclusively to Technology blog MCPoweruser.  The new look incorporates bolder text with extensive white spaces, similar to the Apple Music redesign and far from Window’s 10 current interface design.  Leaked concepts also show Microsoft trialling the use of blur effects for navigating apps.

It is expected that Microsoft will present more details on their Project Neon redesign plans at the company’s upcoming development conference in May.  Further rumours suggest plans to introduce a new addition to its Windows 10 design language, to be known as ‘Acrylic’, allowing for the customisation of an app’s appearance.

Microsoft Windows Project Neon 2017

Apart from the new facelift for the operating system, Project Neon will be integral to Microsoft’s plans with 3D and HoloLens.
Large quantities of Windows 10 Creators Update have been designed to specifically assist those working in the creative sector to incorporate 3D models in their work.

There will be an innovative new Paint 3D app included in the operating system update which will enable user to draw on the screen using the Surface Pen – a first for Microsoft.

To add to this, a library of default 3D shapes will be available for drawing or editing – enhancing other new design features such as including 3D models in PowerPoint presentations.  It will be possible to also work with animated 3D items, with the capability to zoom in and out and also combine 2 and 3D content together.

Windows 10 Creators Update will make gamers happy – with an update to Beam video sharing software enabling greater ease for sharing experiences online. Users will also have control over tournaments with the ability to select competitors from existing friends, rather than professional opponent chosen by the game software.
A new feature known as MyPeople will enhance the user experience by allowing for the sharing of things like photos, documents and other files without having to access a selection of different apps in the process.  The easily placed drag and drop option, to be found on the toolbar, will help users share files and information much more easily.

Windows 10 MyPeople

Microsoft is keen to accumulate numerous communication services into one space so that important communications are not missed.  Skype, Mail, Xbox live and even SMS’s from your smartphone are potential services being considered for the amalgamation.  Users will then be able to reply to contacts using whichever app they prefer. A concept called Shoulder Taps will be introduced in conjunction with centralised message capturing, which will allow users to send emoticons or icons to contacts they’re in most frequent contact with – improving connectivity.

Reports also reveal plans that Microsoft is busy developing a Home Hub software feature which will turn your Windows 10 computer into a sophisticated, voice-activated speaker – rivalling competitors Amazon Echo and Google Home.

With its enhanced voice command technology Home Hub would create a shared environment of resources for family that could be accessed without logging in – containing information like to-do lists and reminders.

Sources in communication with Windows Central have confirmed the possibility of Home Hub featuring motion and light sensors – ensuring the PC is live and ready to go when someone comes into the room.

Photo credit: MSPOWERUSER

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