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Siri reportedly coming to Apple Watch in next WatchOS 3.2 update

Published: 27/01/2017 by Comments

Siri reportedly coming to Apple Watch in next WatchOS 3.2 update

Apple watch owners will shortly be able to yell at their wrists to order a taxi!

According to recent reports, one of the new features on the watchOS 3.2 will be the SiriKit. This means that Apple watch owners will be able to communicate with third party apps such as WhatsApp and Uber by shouting in the direction of their wrist!

The feature is one of several expected to arrive with the watchOS 3.2 and could lead to an increase in sales following declining smartwatch sales.

This latest integration will not be available on all apps, only those that allow payments, messaging and taxi bookings.

The service is not going to be available automatically; users will have to create app extensions through the intents and UI frameworks.

Apples latest watchOS update is also due to include a new feature referred to as Theatre Mode. This will prevent watches from making any noise or lighting up whilst in locations such as the cinema, a meeting or the theatre.

“Theatre Mode allows users to mute the sound on their Apple Watch and avoid activating the screen light. While in Theatre Mode, notifications will be available to users through haptics allowing them to view information by pressing the digital crown or tapping the screen.” Explains Apple.

There are also reports that Apple is planning on bringing Theatre Mode to the iPhone. However, the feature was not present on the latest ios 10.3 beta.

There are no clues as to when watchOS 3.2 is going to be released to the public.

Apple is continuously working to enhance the user experience. They are hoping that this new venture will not only excite existing customers but also attract customers who have shied away from Apple products in the past.

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