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Sky 3D TV Developments

Published: 10/03/2009 by Comments

BSkyB are developing the technology that will allow 3D programmes to be delivered through their existing Sky+HD service. The broadcasts will have to be viewed on a 3D capable screen and initially, you will need to wear 3D glasses.

BSkyB are not the only company developing this technology. NBC has broadcasted 3D adverts during this years Super Bowl. DreamWorks Animation showed a trailer of their new 3D film “Monster vs. Aliens”. From 2009, DreamWorks is committed to producing all its animated feature films in 3D. The company uses stereoscopic 3D technology to display the 3D images.

Stereoscopic 3D involves projecting two separate images simultaneously onto the screen. The polarized 3D glasses separate the images, so that your left eye views a different image than the one seen by your right eye. This tricks the brain into believing that it is viewing a three dimensional image. BSkyB will be recording 3D programs using a dual camera set up, to capture the two images necessary for creating a 3D image

If you do not fancy watching television wearing 3D glasses, autostereoscopic screens are becoming more widely available. Autostereoscopic screens display 3D images with out the need for 3D glasses and are available from manufacturers such as Philips and LG. Unfortunately prolonged viewing of this technology can result in headaches and eye strain.

Sky Digital currently have over 498,000 subscribers to it Sky+HD service. BSkyB has a working prototype of its 3D service and will be making 3D programmes ready for when the service is released to Sky Digital viewers.

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