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Sky, BT and Virgin Media - The Great Sports Battle

Published: 17/08/2010 by Comments

With last weekend marking the beginning of the new Premier League season, it is high time for those who have not already picked out their sports bundle of choice to start considering the options. But with Sky, Virgin Media and BT Vision all offering digital TV packages to cater to every whim of a sports fan, you might have your work cut out making that choice.

All three providers have come with packages that offer great value, yet if one is looking to make the biggest savings, then the BT Vision package is the way to go.

BT ‘s Sky Sports Pack offer includes both Sky Sports 1 and 2, 20Mbps broadband connection with a 40GB monthly download cap, and a BT landline connecting with free weekend calls, all for a monthly net of £29.98.

The more discerning consumers will note however, that the BT package does not include Sky Sports 3 and 4, meaning that subscribers will not be able to watch a number of Premier league clashes. For those who cannot bear to miss even a minute of the action, Virgin Media has the goods.

At £50.50 per month, the Virgin Media package offers all the Sky Sports channels, in addition to high-definition (HD) versions of ESPN, Eurosport and Sky Sports 1 and 2. The package also comes with unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and for the first two months, customers will have to pay just £27.50.

Diehard sports fans should find Sky Sport’s Sky+HD offer. The package offers every Sky Sports channel in HD, 2GB of broadband a month and free evening and weekend calls, all for the price of £46 per month.

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