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Sky Mobile launches today and allows customers to rollover unused data

Published: 06/01/2017 by Comments

Sky Mobile launches today and allows customers to rollover unused data

Sky is competing with mobile phone companies as it offers its UK customers contracts enabling them to roll over any unused data. This latest deal could potentially save avid online surfers a fortune.

The battle has intensified as Sky launches a new SIM card allowing internet junkies to stock up on unused data.

With contracts starting from just £10 per month, customers can rollover any unused internet data, and can use them for up to three years.

A recent study found that millions of Smartphone users are throwing away an estimated £2 billion of unused data every year and Sky is one of the first companies to capitalise on this find.

Research conducted by the Sky team found that 20 million people in the UK pay more than necessary for data in fear of paying exorbitant fines if they go over their limit.

On the flip side, almost half of these customers are losing 1GB each month which is equivalent to surfing 10,000 websites.

The study also discovered that the majority of Smartphone users have no idea how much data they are wasting every month.

Sky’s UK and Ireland chief executive Stephen Van Rooyen states: “Most people are confused about the terms and conditions of their contracts and simply purchase extra data to avoid being charged for overuse.

“Sky Mobile has solved this conundrum and are providing customers with something that no other phone network is offering. The flexibility with their contracts and the ability to keep what they have paid for and roll over any unused data.”

Customers already signed up with Sky are automatically eligible for the for the new service and are entitled to unlimited text messages and phone calls. They will also be able to synchronise their digital box with their phones allowing them access to sky programs on the go.

The contract is for 12 months available on the O2 network. For £10 per month customers get 1GB, for £15 3GB, and £20 for 5GB. It’s a SIM only contract and companies such as Samsung and Apple are expecting to launch the handsets at the end of the year.

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