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Sky Reworks Its Broadband Deals

Published: 04/06/2010 by Comments

In an increasingly competitive market for broadband services, Sky has introduced two new broadband deals that the company hopes will help them keep ahead of the pack.

Sky reworked various aspects of its Everyday Lite and Sky’s Unlimited packages, each of which offers speeds of up to 20Mbps, and subscribers will be in for significant savings if they chose to avail these offers in conjunction with Sky Talk, Sky’s home phone line services.

Sky’s Everyday Lite deal is a value-oriented package that comes for free with Sky Talk or Sky’s digital TV packages. It has a download cap of 2 GB per month and a £60 setup fee.

The Unlimited Package, when bought along with Sky Talk, costs £7.50 a month and offers unlimited usage.

Both the Unlimited and Everyday Lite offers include a wireless router worth £50, and 24 hour technical support. When taken with Sky Talk, subscribers will also be able to make free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines. Sky Talk line rental tariff shall apply in addition to the broadband charges.

Taken without Sky Talk, tariffs for Everyday Lite and Unlimited packages will be £5 and £12.50 a month respectively.

Although Sky claims speeds of up to 20Mb for these packages, the company warned that quality of the service will depend on the location of the subscriber, and the quality of network coverage she is receiving.

Those that find themselves beyond of the company’s network can still sign up for Sky’s service through its Broadband Connect platform, which offers speeds of up to 8Mb, available for £17 a month.

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