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Slow Broadband tops list of Britain’s pet peeves

Published: 25/05/2010 by Comments

Slow broadband connections is Britain’s public enemy number one, revels a recent survey conducted by telecom giant O2.

According to 02, out of the 2,040 that responded to the survey, 41% pointed at slow broadband connections as being the main cause of their daily frustration, while 36 per cent said that rude support staff irritated them most.

The survey was conducted as a part of the company’s Niggles and Narks advertising campaign, which “aims to tackle some broadband frustrations such as slow connections and lack of friendly customer support”. Fortuitously for the company, the finding reaffirms the relevance of both the core premises of the campaign.

Also on the list of frustrations was crime, with 26% of the votes, job cuts at 18%, and NHS waiting times at 14%. While one could wonder how slow broadband beat out some of the heavier issues on the list, it is perhaps worth pointing out that the survey specifically asked for the greatest source of daily irritation.

Felix Geyr, the head of O2’s broadband division said that the British public’s increasing frustration with UK’s broadband services is clear. With the new government’s self-imposed 2020 deadline of addressing this issue, Geyr believes now is the time for ISPs to step up and deal with the daily niggles of their customers.

The Niggles and Narks campaign have recently taken up the entire Metro daily newspaper front page for its promotional activities.

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