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Sony and LG to stop manufacturing 3D TVs in 2017

Published: 20/01/2017 by Comments

Sony and LG to stop manufacturing 3D TVs in 2017

A few years ago, 3D TV was at the top of the film entertainment hierarchy, not anymore! Sony and LG are set to stop manufacturing 3D TV this year.

Both companies have recently confirmed that their latest TV models will not support 3D TV shows or movies.

LGs director of new product development Tim Alessi claims, “As technology has advanced, 3D capability is no longer a factor when purchasing a new TV. Recent research has also shown that usage is low as consumers prefer other forms of home entertainment.

In 2016, Philips and Samsung made the decision to drop 3D TV; it has also been abandoned by other companies such as TCL, Sharp and Hisense.

After the release of the film Avatar in 2010, interest in 3D TV was high for a short period, however, it wasn’t particularly popular for home entertainment.

Analysts believe that this lack of interest was due to the fact that viewers had to wear a pair of polarised glasses in order to experience the 3D effect. This took away the freedom associated with watching a film at home.

Sales have been steadily decreasing since 2012, according to information from the NPD group.

There was also a huge reduction in sales for 3D Blu-ray players.

Executive director at NPD, Ben Arnold states “LG and Sony’s decision to discontinue 3D had a major influence on the sales decisions of consumers. They followed what these major companies were promoting.”

“There are now several other features that are gaining popularity, these include HDR, 4K/UHD as well as smart and the size of the screen. Unfortunately, 3D no longer has a place in the market.”

Photo credit: Matt Neale

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